Different type of camera for Photography 2018

Buying a good Camera is always a tough task. Today I’m going to talk about the Best Types of Camera kits you can buy for learning photography. Also, give you users recommendations, which ones are best and which ones you should avoid based on their reviews

There are four main types of camera kits that you can buy

1. Compact Camera
2. Bridge Camera
3. Mirrorless Camera
4. DSLR Camera

Compact Camera:

The first one is the compact camera. This one you can’t see these days anymore and the reason behind that is your mobile phone. Your mobile phone these days are just as good as any compact camera so that’s probably why no one ever buys these anymore but sometimes they come in handy I mean this one is a waterproof one so I can go underwater with this. I will not do that very often but you can do if you want to so.

Types of Camera

Bridge Camera:

The next type of camera I want to talk about is called a bridge camera. A bridge is supposed to be a bridge between a compact camera and one of these which is a DSLR. The bridge camera is still aimed at the point-and-shoot type of market. Some of them have got the manual settings easy to hand but most of them the manual settings are quite hard. When you’re learning photography you need to get to their manual settings as quickly as possible. The other thing about bridge cameras you can’t change the lenses. The lenses are not interchangeable so if you are learning photography bridge cameras are not recommended.

Types of Camera

Mirrorless Camera:

The next type of camera is called a mirrorless camera or compact system cameras. These can be really good however the good ones are expensive. A mirrorless camera is basically a small version of a DSLR camera and it’s a small version because they’ve managed to take out the mirror that is why it’s nice and compact.

However, you haven’t got an optical viewfinder with this. You have to use the digital screen like you would do on a mobile phone and that I don’t actually personally like. It’s like you’re watching a TV screen whereas I like to view actual view. However, in some of the camera, these digital screens are very good quality and all the manual settings are easy to handle and they’re really good to use. If you want something smaller but if you are going to get one of them then make sure it’s an expensive type. The cheaper ones I just cheap, they’re not good.

Types of Camera

DSLR Camera:

The next type and probably the one that you’re most familiar with and they are called DSLR cameras. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex cameras. These are really good to buy and use if you’re learning photography.  The lenses are interchangeable all the manual settings are really easy to get to and they’re upgradeable so as you start getting into photography and you start learning a bit more about it you might want to get better lenses or you might want to get a  better camera body and a DSLR camera gives you that flexibility. So if you are looking to learn photography and expand your knowledge a DSLR camera is the best one to go for.

 Types of Camera